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Kendelle Argrette

Cecilia Carter is my coach. She supports and pushes me to do better when I believe I can’t do more.  She is always ready to put a smile on my face, or stop me dead in my tracks when I have gotten too comfortable in my own “pity party.”  She is intentional and purposeful with her words as well as the activities in which she engages me so I can reach my personal goals. She is the girlfriend who remembers just about everything I have ever shared and the cheerleader who knows just the right cheer to get my head back in the game believing that I can resolve the challenges that I face.  She is the consummate professional who is laser-focused about preparing me, and the rest of her clients, to step into our personal masterpieces.

With Cecilia Carter, I thrive--strategically.

Mary Barneby Chief Executive Officer at Girl Scouts of Connecticut

I have had the distinct pleasure and privilege to work with Cecilia at UBS and also as trustees on the Board of Governors for the University of New Haven. Cecilia has the unique capacity to think and envision at a high strategic level, but to translate that into communications that are easily understood and actionable. You know when Cecilia raises her hand to ask a question or make a comment, there is a depth of thought and wisdom behind it. Cecilia is a skilled marketer at heart, but also one of those rare executives with a knack to read people quickly, see around corners and truly understand the business impact of decisions. She is great at pulling diverse people together and engaging the community in finding solutions. She has an infectious laugh and smile- but she always has her eye on the end result and is focused on achieving it.

Corey duBrowa SVP Global Communications, Starbucks

Cecilia Carter is an outstanding strategist, community leader and spokesperson. I worked with her during her tenure at Starbucks and was consistently impressed with the depth of her relationships, her understanding of our company's issues/opportunities and her ability to distill effective strategy from this confluence of data points. Plus: she is just plain delightful to work with and one of my favorite people ever

Amy Kavanaugh Mason Global Communications Marketing Executive

Cecilia is an exceptional coach. She combines nurturing and empowerment with the much appreciated tough love we all need to grow and evolve. She has guided me with a clear strategy for success--starting with the articulation of my goals and the values I hold dearest. With the clarity I have around what I want to achieve both personally and professionally, I am able to progress in my career with greater confidence and ease. Through our work, Cecilia continues to ask the important questions -- the ones that lead to thoughtful approaches and desired outcomes. No matter where you are in your career trajectory--investing in yourself with an experienced and objective coach is important. Personally investing in myself through The Strategy Chick has been priceless.